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Seamwork Leonora with Slant Pockets

Seamwork Leonora Skirt | Jasmin von der Katz

So. I had a hair cut! Not an easy decision, but the right one. My hair hasn’t been that short for almost 20 years. Suddenly it is much easier choosing fabrics and patterns, to abandon the eternal black and even sometimes wearing lipstick. But that’s not the only topic I’d like to talk about today. I had some serious thoughts about style and wardrobe I would like to share and ask your opinion and I’d like to present a pattern I really like: Seamwork Leonora, a skirt with button placket at the front and patch pockets as seen in the late 60s, early 70s (and in H&M). I changed it slightly so that the skirt got almost a faint 20s vibe, at least in shape, but it is still wearable without appearing overdressed.
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