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Colette Juniper Pants

Colette Juniper Pants | Jasmin von der Katz

After years in almost exclusively dresses and skirts I turn to one of the great mysteries of hobby sewing, the trousers. Actually I don’t like sewing trousers at all! And that doesn’t even have anything to do with the zipper but with the fitting. If you sew for yourself, you want to make a piece that you really like afterwards, don’t you? But that means first going through the hell of fitting perhaps to find out afterwards that the result doesn’t suit you at all. Thank God I chose “Colette Juniper” this time. Colette Juniper is a kind of ”Marlene trousers“ as we say in german but reminds me more of Wigan Casino and Northern Soul Dancing than of Berlin Babylon. Juniper has nice wide legs and a wide waistband that sits nicely on the hip and cuts a good figure. I’ve already made 3 Colette Junipers and more may follow. Take a look and let yourself be inspired 😉

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