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In the Folds Peppermint Jumpsuit

Peppermint Jumpsuit | Jasmin von der Katz

The Peppermint Jumpsuit by In the Folds is a free pattern download but don’t be mistaken, it’s really well designed and worth the effort! I made one in black rayon-linen and can’t wait for making a second one, probably in dark red or purple (or both). | Den Peppermint Jumpsuit von In the Folds gibt es als freien Download, doch er ist alles andere als ein „Rausverkauf“. Das Muster ist wirklich gut gemacht mit einer sehr guten Anleitung. Ich habe einen aus schwarzem Viskoseleinen genäht und überlege noch einen in weinrot oder dunkellila zu machen. Vielleicht mache ich auch einfach beide ;D Read More

Colette Juniper Pants

Colette Juniper Pants | Jasmin von der Katz

After years in almost exclusively dresses and skirts I turn to one of the great mysteries of hobby sewing, the trousers. Actually I don’t like sewing trousers at all! And that doesn’t even have anything to do with the zipper but with the fitting. If you sew for yourself, you want to make a piece that you really like afterwards, don’t you? But that means first going through the hell of fitting perhaps to find out afterwards that the result doesn’t suit you at all. Thank God I chose “Colette Juniper” this time. Colette Juniper is a kind of ”Marlene trousers“ as we say in german but reminds me more of Wigan Casino and Northern Soul Dancing than of Berlin Babylon. Juniper has nice wide legs and a wide waistband that sits nicely on the hip and cuts a good figure. I’ve already made 3 Colette Junipers and more may follow. Take a look and let yourself be inspired 😉

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Seamwork Leonora with Slant Pockets

Seamwork Leonora Skirt | Jasmin von der Katz

So. I had a hair cut! Not an easy decision, but the right one. My hair hasn’t been that short for almost 20 years. Suddenly it is much easier choosing fabrics and patterns, to abandon the eternal black and even sometimes wearing lipstick. But that’s not the only topic I’d like to talk about today. I had some serious thoughts about style and wardrobe I would like to share and ask your opinion and I’d like to present a pattern I really like: Seamwork Leonora, a skirt with button placket at the front and patch pockets as seen in the late 60s, early 70s (and in H&M). I changed it slightly so that the skirt got almost a faint 20s vibe, at least in shape, but it is still wearable without appearing overdressed.
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Sallie Jumpsuit Closet Case Files

Sallie Jumpsuit | Jasmin von der Katz

I was on vacation in Napüles and I enjoyed it immensely. I didn’t do anything for 8 days, enjoying the sun, drinking wine and eating pizza (Vitto Pitagorico tastes especially good). YUMMY! I mainly wore my Sallie Jumpsuits from Closet Case Files because they’re both comfortable and fashionable. The Sallie Jumpsuit by Closet Case Files is sewn from jersey and held in place by a simple elastic band. In the description it says ”hidden pyjamas“. I could not agree more. Plus it’s such a quick make! The Sallie Jumpsuit can be worn both casually and elegantly. It’s all a question of fabric choice! Have a look.

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Sherlock Coat with fake fur collar

After writing down my Sewlutions for 2014 it became clear I need to sew a coat. Phew. Not that coats are particulary hard to manage but they are time-consuming and there are not that many patterns I care for. Until I stumbled over a picture of Cumberbatch on Pinterest and so the idea for the ”Sherlock Coat“, was born. I don’t know about you but I have to start right away or I won’t ever start sewing.

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